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April 23, 2006


Energy-Saving Renovations Planned for 2nd Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to apply the energy-service company (ESCO) business model to Tokyo Metropolitan Otsuka Hospital, and began inviting applications for public tender on January 20, 2006. Actual ESCO services at the hospital will start in fiscal 2007, following the fiscal 2006 implementation at Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will cover the expenses for the energy-saving renovations required at Otsuka Hospital. The selected company will have to guarantee returns from energy-saving performance for eight years from fiscal 2007 through fiscal 2014.

Otsuka Hospital has 500 beds and handles some 1,000 outpatients per day. Based on the results of a preliminary assessment, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government requires any bidder to save more than 65 million yen a year on lighting, heating and water expenses at the hospital, which is equivalent to an energy reduction of 25.3 percent. The government also plans to replace the hospital¡Çs existing heating equipment with new air conditioning facilities having a central monitoring system for CO2 emissions.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government intends to systematically promote the introduction of ESCO businesses to municipal facilities where substantial energy savings can be expected.

Posted: 2006/04/23 02:05:54 PM
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