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For a Happy, Sustainable Future. Initiatives from Japan. For the World.

Human well-being is threatened today by global environmental deterioration, social vulnerability, and economic uncertainty. Our challenge is to consider not only sustainability and future generations on our planet, but also how to make our livelihoods and communities more resilient today. To tackle each issue, various efforts are under way in Japan and around the world--issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, water and food crises, and energy, to name just a few. Japan for Sustainability (JFS) carefully tracks efforts and signs of positive change in Japan, and provides its findings to people everywhere who share an interest in change for the better.

Japan for Sustainability (JFS) is a non-profit group that provides information from Japan to add to momentum here and around the world toward a truly happy and sustainable future.

* Please note that JFS ceased its operations at the end of July 2018.
More information: https://www.japanfs.org/en/information/jfsnews/jfsnews_id036090.html