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March 31, 2012


Toshiba Announces Launch of New Ene-Farm Household Fuel Cell

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JFS/Toshiba Announces Launch of New Ene-Farm Household Fuel Cell
Reprinted by courtesy of TOSHIBA CORPORATION

Major electronics manufacturer Toshiba Corp. and Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corp., a Toshiba Group company, announced December 20, 2011, that they would be offering city gas companies and liquefied petroleum gas sales companies a new household fuel cell product line called Ene-Farm, starting in March 2012.

Toshiba says that, compared to the condition without Ene-Farm, the product has the world's highest overall efficiency rating of 94 percent, emits 1.5 fewer tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), and saves 61,000 yen (U.S.$792) in energy costs annually. The use of fewer and lower-cost components brought the cost down to 20% below existing models. Also, its smaller size requires a footprint of only 1.9 square meters for installation, and Toshiba says its durability is the industry's longest, lasting 80,000 hours.

A special feature of this new household fuel cell is that the same model can work on different types of gas (city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and Japanese domestic natural gas). This versatility, unmatched by competitors, will help boost the popularity overall the Ene-Farm residential fuel cells, the company says.

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