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August 14, 2005


Committee Established to Promote Energy-efficient Homes

Keywords: Energy Conservation Government Policy / Systems 

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced on May 30, 2005 that it has established a committee to promote household energy efficiency and home security. The committee will help provide information on energy-efficient and crime-prevention retrofit appliances and equipment for existing houses.

The committee will prepare examples of remodeled homes furnished with energy-efficient appliances, and provide information about advantages based on objective data. Its objective is to introduce energy-efficient appliances and equipment into all of Japan's 26.5 million detached houses, which account for more than half of residences.

So far, manufacturers have been providing information to individual consumers on energy-efficient home appliances and construction materials. This data is based on different calculation methods, and it has been difficult for consumers to compare options. This situation has functioned as an obstacle to the diffusion of such equipment into existing houses.

The committee consists of representatives of home electronics and housing manufacturers, utility companies, and industry organizations for glass-related products and imported housing. The relevant departments at METI and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will participate as observers. Taking advantage of its extensive network, the committee will prepare manuals and implement a public relations campaign to kick off its information service project within 2005.

Posted: 2005/08/14 08:21:41 PM
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