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This page introduces a list of media coverage of JFS and/or articles released by JFS. We are happy that JFS information is spreading worldwide in different languages!



May 1
【JFS文章】纸张再利用系统(eSTUDIO306LP / RD30)~ 东芝TEC株式会社 by 中日公益伙伴 (Japan-China Civil Society Network)

March 20
Junko Edahiro, chief executive of Japan for Sustainability, was interviewed by a web magazine, Our World, about her activities at JFS, the Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy and Society (ISHES) and about Japan's role in solving today's toughest environmental challenges.

The Our World web magazine by the United Nations University shares expert views, research and commentary on contemporary affairs of relevance to the mandate of the United Nations.
Can Happiness Save the Environment? by Our World

February 19
Information from the JFS Newsletter was introduced in an article posted in The Guardian online.
Ageing population: what can the UK learn from overseas?

Original article from JFS
Tokyo's Adachi Ward Promotes Community Ties to Prevent Citizen Isolation

January 25
Is altruism our hope, and growth a curse? by the Japan Times

January 10
【JFS文章】日本自治体的地下水保护活动? by 中日公益伙伴 (Japan-China Civil Society Network)


July 23
Junko Edahiro, Sustainability & Resilience for a Happy, Ecological Economy (Japanese) by UBrainTV

連結企業、社會與個人的共同成長行銷 by Organic Lifestyle Magazine

June 3
by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

April 24
Verso una società sostenibile: l'obiettivo della fiera Eco-Products Exhibition a Tokyo, Giappone by the Florentine Association of International Relations (FAIR)

April 4
【JFS文章】通过与环境相协调的"作品"、为构建可持续发展的社会做贡献 ~ 竹中工务店 by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

March 4
The answer to Chinese pollution? It's in Japan by Fortune


November 2
In Japan, Over 22 Local Governments Prepare Happiness Indices
by Life Beyond Growth

October 26
Transition Town Fujino goes for local energy independence
by Our World 2.0

無之以為有的海士町 by Organic Lifestyle Magazine

October 1
by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

September 6
【时事通讯】日本第一位生态学者~真正的生态学者 南方熊楠~
by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

August 14
Wachstum im Wandel by Businessart

June 25
Junko Edahiro: Life beyond growth offers new economic ideas as alternatives to GDP by Green Prospects Asia

日本小川有機社區 by Organic Lifestyle Magazine

May 28
【JFS时事通讯】学自大自然的技术将拯救我们的地球 Part.2
by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

May 22
„Fukushima" ein Weckruf für die Menschheit by shoganai.com

May 6
【JFS时事通讯】学自大自然的技术将拯救我们的地球 Part.1
by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

March - April
Non-Electric 非电话生活 by VECO

March 31
by 中日公益伙伴(Japan-China Civil Society Network)

March 25
A woman of wisdom among the energy mandarins by the Japan Times

February 10
Aprendiendo de la catástrofe by Ladyverd.com (in Spanish)


November 9
Life without Electricity by Our World 2.0

November 4
The Japanese engineer calling for a life without electricity by The Guardian

August 25
Creating a Used Clothing Recycling System in Japan by Shirahime

Mining bioethanol from waste by Green Purchasing Asia

Ballooning interest in first hydrogen town by Green Purchasing Asia

June 15
Ausland Journal by ZDF

June 14
Coexisting with Nature: Reflections after the Devastating 2011 Earthquake in Japan by Satoyama Spirits

May 31
Report: Clothing Recycling in Japan by Magnifeco

May 31
Connections to Nature-reflection on natural disasters by Peggy's Green Spaces

May 31
INSIGHTS: Coexisting with Nature: Reflections after the Devastating Earthquake in Japan
by Environmental News Service

May 21
"De" Generation at TEDxTokyo 2011: Enter the Unknown

April 14
Laundry At Midnight by Kirk's News Blog

February 1
Japan: The World's First Post-Growth Economy? by Post Growth Institute


December 6
What's Wrong with Being No.2? by Adbusters

November 29
Jakten på en lohas i Tokyo by Aftonbladet (in Swedish)

September 25
Japanese Trends Worth Watching: De-ownership, demonetization & De-materialism by Treehugger

Letter from Japan by Resurgence Issue 262 EMBODIED WISDOM

August 5
Japan for Sustainability by The Living Labs Global Mobility Report

June 18
Discussing CSR and sustainability issues with guests from Japan,
by China Association for NGO Cooperation



December 22
[Eco Products 2008] Japan for Sustainability, by Possession vs. Use

December 16
Korrespondenterna, by Swedish Television

December 4
Sustainability -- Approaching the Tipping Point, by J@pan Inc

November 26
Asia's first lady of the environment, by The Japan Times

October 27
Japan chems step up in green innovation, by ICIS Chemical Business

October 1
How to Lead a Low-carbon Lifestyle, by Japan Journal

August 24
Natural by design, by the Japan Times

July 29
Japanese local governments' anti-global warming campaigns,
by Post Carbon Cities

July 9
Construction Started in Japan on Rice-based Bioethanol Pilot Plant,
by EnviWeb

"Towards a Sustainable Japan - Corporations at Work", by Sonnenseite

Japan: Local Governments' Goals and Measures in Anti-Global Warming Campaigns, by Sonnenseite

June 16
2007 Mean Temperatures Hit Record Highs in Japan and the World,
by The International Society for Agricultural Meteorology

June 14
Japan: Hydronoic Rooftop Sweet Potatoes Win Eco-Products Award, by the Rooftop Gardening Source

June 3
Lessons from Power Generatiing Floor at Train Station, by AsiaIsGreen

May 7
Tokyo takes the lead in climate change mitigation measures in Japan,
by Post Carbon Cities

May 6
Today's Climate Change Leadership, by Worldchanging

April 18
Firm's "Non-Eco" Product Labels Signal Still-Insufficient Environmental
by Sustainable Practices 2008

April 3
Kyoto City Launches Green Power Certification System,
by Environment News Service

European IMS Newsletter Issue #13, by European IMS Secretariat, European Commission

March 24
Kyoto City Launches Green Power Certification System to Promote Solar Power, by Post Carbon Cities

March 18
Kyoto starts fuel cell project using hydrogen obtained from waste,
by AutoblogGreen

March 12
Japan Adopts Work-Life Balance Charter, by LOHAS Online

March 3
New information for agrometeorologists:
Government initiatives to support a sustainable agricultural industry in Japan, by The International Society for Agricultural Meteorology

February 26
Energy-Saving House with W Generation System Opened to Public,
by PNN Planet2025 News Network

January - February
Japan Looks to the Past & the Future, by Watershed Sentinel

January 31
Japan steps up adaptation measures to deal with global warming,
by The International Society for Agricultural Meteorology

January 26
Sustainability in Japan, by datagecko.com

January 18
Japan for Sustainability: An environmentally focused NPO shares its advice around the world, b