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August 4, 2002


Rail/Bus Corporate Campaign Reduces CO2 Emissions

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Ohmi Railway Corp., located in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, announced that the company reduced its diesel fuel consumption by a total of 900,000 liters, equivalent to 2,331 metric tons of CO2, during the three years it promoted an "eco-driving" campaign that began in April 1999.

The bus division of the company, which owns 365 vehicles, conducted an awareness program about environmental issues for its 381 bus drivers and 87 sightseeing-bus attendants, with 6 specific goals, including avoiding unnecessary idling of engines, rapid starts and acceleration, and heavy braking.

Each month, actual fuel mileage for each vehicle and branch office is posted, and underachievers are given individual attention. On-board posters and stickers promoting awareness were also factors in leading the company to such good results in this campaign.

Posted: 2002/08/04 09:30:46 PM
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