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December 20, 2011


Solar Panel Attached to Portable Home Battery Developed

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The Replus Division of Access Company, a Japanese company that purchases and reuses used lead batteries, has been selling a compact storage battery connected to a solar panel since 2010.

The system, called Rep Solar Mini, stores electricity generated by its solar panel to be used as a 100-volt power source at home via a car inverter. With its main body measuring around 30 by 30 by 10 centimeters and weighing about seven kilograms, the system can be easily carried around. The battery can be fully charged in two ways: either using the attached solar panel in fair weather over about two days, or using a wall socket over about 10 hours.

The battery can supply power to home appliances, except large ones, such as an attached light-emitting diode bulb for up to 20 hours, to a 12-watt personal computer for up to eight hours, or to a 19-inch liquid crystal television for up to two hours. The system costs 49,800 yen (about U.S.$650), while the Rep Socket Mini that can be charged with a wall socket only costs 29,800 yen (about $390).

The battery, which is compact, inexpensive, and emits no carbon dioxide, is appealing to households because of its usefulness outdoors or during power failures.

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Posted: 2011/12/20 06:00:15 AM