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December 16, 2011


Cotton Project Aiming to Support Recovery of Earthquake-Stricken Tohoku Area

Keywords: Disaster Reconstruction Manufacturing industry Non-manufacturing industry 

On July 14, 2011, the "Tohoku Cotton Project" was launched by agricultural production cooperatives and agricultural companies affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, along with apparel companies, aiming at agriculture revitalization, job creation and development of new industries. Under this project, farmers in the quake-hit areas will grow raw cotton, while apparel companies and suppliers will be responsible for spinning the fibers into yarn, commercialization and sales to support reconstruction efforts.

Due to the damage from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, many farmers in the area have had difficulty growing rice. Therefore, many have focused on cotton, which has greater resistance to salinity. The process from raw cotton cultivation to cotton goods sales, which will be implemented by the project participants, are unified under the "Tohoku Cotton Project."

In the project's first fiscal year (2011), test cultivation has started in two areas, Arahama in Wakabayashi Ward of Sendai City, and Natori City, both of which are in Miyagi Prefecture. After evaluating the harvest performance, the project will aim to expand the acreage for growing cotton, agriculture revitalization and job creation. This will call for more participation by both producers and companies.

Posted; 2011/12/16 06:00:15 AM