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December 8, 2011


Toyota to Establish In-House Vocational School in Tohoku to Aid Restoration

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Toyota Motor Corp., a major Japanese automobile manufacturer, announced on July 19, 2011, plans to build an in-house vocational school in the Tohoku region to help with restoration in disaster-stricken areas by reinforcing the region's manufacturing industry.

Toyota Motor will make Tohoku its third domestic manufacturing base, after the Central and Kyushu areas of Japan. The company has announced that Kanto Auto Works, Ltd., Central Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Tohoku Corporation will begin the consultation process for their merger agreement. The new vocational school will be established as part of the new company.

The company will build the new school with the philosophy that manufacturing depends on developing human resources. Toyota Motor plans to manufacture one of its major eco-friendly vehicles, the Small Hybrid Car, in the Tohoku region in order to enhance the region's manufacturing industry.

The new vocational school will seek applications from new graduates from technical high schools in the Tohoku district, as well as from workers at local group companies. Applications for the first class will begin in July 2012, and 10 to 30 students will be admitted. The new semester will start in April 2013 and the school will provide one year of training. From July 2011, ahead of the opening of the new school, the Special Course at the Toyota Technical Skills Academy, a vocational school of the Toyota-based company, will seek applications for the class of 2012 targeting new graduates from technical high schools in the Tohoku district under the condition that graduates of the new vocational school will be transferred to the newly merged company.

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