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August 20, 2011


Karaoke Company Conducts Charity Program to Support Earthquake Survivors

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JFS/Karaoke Company Conducts Charity Program to Support Earthquake Survivors
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SHIDAX Community Corp., a SHIDAX Group subsidiary engaged in the restaurant and karaoke businesses, announced on April 18, 2011, that it would launch a charity program called "Let's sing and show your support! SHIDAX charity karaoke."

The program runs from April 18 to June 30, 2011 at 302 restaurant karaoke outlets across Japan. When customers sing one of the 100 selected charity songs on the "DAM" karaoke machine series, the company will donate one yen (U.S. one cent) to relief activities for survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The company will make contributions based on the number of times the target songs are sung during the program, and then donate the amount to "Ashinaga Support Children Affected by the Earthquake/tsunami." This is one of the donation programs of Ashinaga, a non-profit organization in Japan that provides financial and psychological support for children and youth who have lost one or both parents to illness, disasters, etc.

Until now, SHIDAX has collected donations for the earthquake at SHIDAX group outlets and supported activities including accepting relief supplies from customers and delivering them to the disaster-stricken areas. This event is part of "ACTION for NIPPON," which is an earthquake reconstruction support project with the slogan "For the Future of Japan and Children's Tomorrow."

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