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August 3, 2011


Three Major Japanese Companies Announce Long-term Post-disaster Support Programs

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Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Asics Corp., and Advantage Risk Management Co. made successive announcements from late March to April 2011 regarding their long-term plans to support victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Rohto, a manufacturer and wholesaler of drugs and cosmetics, has set up a new business unit to provide long-term daily living and educational assistance to children orphaned by the earthquake. The unit has a full-time support team consisting of company employees. The team will discuss concrete plans after acquiring information about the present situation.

Asics, a manufacturer and wholesaler of various sporting goods, plans to extend continuous support to young orphans until they reach the age of 19. The support channel will be sports, through which the company wishes to help the orphans grow to be healthy both mentally and physically. Asics will provide sporting goods such as sports apparel and shoes, and will also arrange for athletes to visit the area.

Advantage Risk Management, an integrated mental healthcare service company that caters to businesses, will take part in the restoration effort over the long-term by offering post-disaster counseling to quake victims to care for their mental health.

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