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September 28, 2010


Kawasaki Plant Systems Wins Build-Operate Contract for Waste Incineration & Biogas Generation Complex

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Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group announced on July 1, 2010, that it has won a contract from the city of Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, for a project to build and operate the Hofu City Clean Center. The design-build-operate project includes both construction of a waste treatment complex and its operation over a 20-year period.

The ordered waste treatment complex is a combination of sorting, biogas generation, and waste incineration facilities with highly efficient power generation from waste. Among the collected burnable waste, waste appropriate for biogas generation will be sorted in the sorting facility, and sent to the biogas generation facility, where it will be converted to biogas through a dry thermophilic methane fermentation process. Other burnable waste and residue from methane fermentation will be incinerated at high temperature under a low air ratio in a parallel flow incinerator with a mechanical stoker for efficient energy recovery.

The complex also includes: a recycling facility that will collect recyclable materials from oversized waste, non-burnable waste, and recyclable waste; and a sludge-to-biogas facility that will collect sewage water and human waste discharged from adjacent facilities. Ash generated in the incinerator and fly ash will be used as a raw material for cement production.

The complex is planned to have a maximum power generation capacity of 3,600 kilowatts and a power generation efficiency of 23.5 percent at normal waste treatment operation. Power generated in this complex will cover the facility's power consumption and surplus power will be sold; thus, maintenance costs of the facilities and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced. Construction is scheduled to be completed in March 2015 and operations are to start in fiscal 2016.

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Posted: 2010/09/28 06:00:15 AM