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October 4, 2006


Insurance Association in Japan Promotes Eco & Safe Driving Worldwide

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The General Insurance Association of Japan (GIAJ) issued a leaflet entitled the "Eco and Safety Drive" in May 2006, aiming to spread the idea of "eco-driving" around the world. The "Eco Drive" style of driving avoids "jackrabbit" starts, rapid acceleration and other fuel-inefficient driving habits, and also helps people drive safely. The GIAJ will promote the campaign to raise awareness by distributing the leaflets mainly to corporations at international conferences.

The Eco & Safety Drive approach encourages the following five points: (1) avoid jackrabbit starts and rapid acceleration, (2) release the accelerator earlier and use engine braking, (3) keep driving at a constant speed depending on the traffic conditions, (4) keep a sufficient distance between cars, and (5) inspect and maintain your car before driving it.

Driving in accordance with these points helps drivers reduce the risk of traffic accidents because of the diminished speed. It also cuts back on fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Data obtained by the GIAJ indicate that the average fuel efficiency improves by about 9.5 percent, and the number of traffic accidents drops by 50 percent when drivers follow these driving tips.

Some companies and governments have taken action to support the "Eco Drive" campaign. Honda Co., for example, has published similar leaflets. The English version of the GIAJ leaflet is available on the following website.

Posted: 2006/10/04 09:38:21 PM
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