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September 21, 2006


First Energy Service Co. (FESCO) to Produce Forest Biomass Fuel for Thermal Power Plant

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On April 27, 2006, First Energy Service Co. (FESCO), a comprehensive energy service company, established the Japan Forest Fuel Corp., which will produce and distribute wood-biomass derived charcoal. FESCO plans to sell charcoal to coal-based thermal power plants as supplemental fuel for co-firing coal and biomass. One aim is to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Charcoal made from unutilized rural forest resources has the same caloric value as coal. Making use of these resources, such as wood thinned from tree plantations, contributes to the use of renewable energy and also to conservation of the country's forests.

The company will set up a carbonization furnace in the summer of 2006 in Hita City, Oita prefecture, to start pilot operations using tree bark. It plans to increase production bases in regions rich in forest resources.

Posted: 2006/09/21 12:06:55 PM
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