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June 25, 2006


CO2 Accounting Service for Households Starts on Tokyo Gas Website

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Tokyo Gas Co. announced that on March 1, 2006, it started providing an environmental accounting service on its website that calculates the total CO2 emissions from each household. Users can determine their monthly household CO2 emissions by entering data on the natural gas, water, electricity, and heating oil they consume.

The service is available at no charge to registrants on the company's website, where customers can also make inquiries about their monthly gas consumption and charges.

By entering data on their type of housing and number of family members, the users can compare their CO2 emissions to the average emissions of the same type household in 1990, allowing them to see whether or not they have attained a reduction of 6 percent from 1990 levels, the Japanese target for emissions reductions under the Kyoto Protocol.

The program also offers a prize to encourage users to utilize the service and become more aware of CO2 reduction. When users accumulate certain points by entering consumption data periodically or answering a monthly quiz, they can win an environmental picture book on animals endangered by global warming. The company aims to promote participatory approaches for environmental communication and contribute to solving global environmental problems through the program.

Posted: 2006/06/25 10:56:23 PM
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