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September 15, 2005


Shunan City Offering Subsidies to Power-Saving Households

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Shunan City, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, is providing subsidies to citizens' groups that conserve energy during the months of July to October, (compared to the same period the previous year). This "Citizens Power-Saving Station" project is being implemented as part of the city's energy-saving vision, drawn up in February 2004.

Participating in the project are groups of 10 households or more in the city. The amount of electricity saved by each household is calculated by comparing monthly electric bills from this year and last year. The city gives subsidies to the groups on the basis of reductions calculated. Applications from groups that wish to participate will be accepted three more times in the future; about 500 households are expected to join each time.

Financial support is awarded to participating households at the following rates: 50 yen (about 45 US cents) for a 4 to 6 percent reduction, 100 yen (about 91 cents) for 6 to 12 percent, and 200 yen (about U.S.$1.82) for 12 percent or more. In addition, the city pays another 100 yen to the group as a data collection fee when households submit electricity bills for the four consecutive months.

Each group is expected to work out its own ways to save electricity, using a "Citizens' Action Plan on Global Warming" that was compiled by the city's action plan committee, which included citizens chosen by public invitation. They can also get assistance through a "Diagnosis of Household Actions to Address Global Warming" project, in which diagnostic experts visit citizens' homes, check their living conditions, and advise them on effective and practical actions to curb global warming.

Posted: 2005/09/15 11:03:10 PM
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