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August 14, 2005


Fukuoka Designated for 'Hydrogen Technology Research Zone'

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Fukuoka Prefecture and Fukuoka City were authorized by the Prime Minister in March 2005 for to proceed their joint project, "Special Zones in Fukuoka for Hydrogen Technology Research." This project is based on the Law on Special Zones for Structural Reform, which eases regulations to achieve revitalization of regional economies and helps open the door to new ventures.

The special zones are Kyushu University's Hakozaki and Moto-oka campuses in Fukuoka City. Deregulation was also being sought for provisions of the Pressure Gas Safety Law to smooth testing of pressure and air-tightness in making small hydrogen pressure vessels with capacities of less than 400ml and less than 100 MPa. To compensate for the exemption, experimenters will upgrade equipment and system management, for example by setting up safety barriers.

With the deregulation, the hydrogen technology R&D will be expedited, mainly by cutting about a month off the manufacturing process for various types of small pressure vessels for experiments to clarify the effect of hydrogen on metallic materials.

In August 2004 Fukuoka Prefecture set up a strategy partnership on hydrogen energy to promote collaboration by government, industry and academia. The aim was to help create an integrated zone to lead the way to a hydrogen energy powered community. These model zones in Fukuoka aim to provide and maintain a complete hydrogen R&D environment at Kyushu University, which is playing the key role in the partnership.

Posted: 2005/08/14 08:00:44 PM
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