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August 24, 2002


Better Driving Saves 18,000 Yen in Gas Annually

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The Energy Conservation Center of Japan (ECCJ) recently estimated how much a car owner can save by practicing eight simple driving techniques that save energy.

For example, if the engine is turned off ten minutes a day while stopped at traffic lights or in traffic jams, the annual saving will be 6,090 yen (about U.S.$49.51). If rapid acceleration and sudden stops are avoided ten times a day, the reduction in fuel consumption results in further annual savings of 5,355 yen (about U.S.$43.53).

The ECCJ calculated six other areas of potential savings from simple driving techniques, such as maintaining a steady cruising speed on highways, effective use of lower gears for braking, reducing the engine idling time used for warming the engine, and inflating tires to the proper pressure.

According to ECCJ, total energy consumption by motor vehicles in Japan increased by 41.6 percent over the decade leading up to the year 2000, making it essential to improve driving methods and to introduce technological innovations that will help limit energy consumption.

The ECCJ is affiliated with METI, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Posted: 2002/08/24 11:01:52 AM
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