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July 16, 2016


Marché Events Held to Promote Effective Geothermal Power Use

Keywords: Renewable Energy 


Volcanic Belts and Geothermal Plants in Japan
Source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

A Japanese committee called the Chinetsu Marché Executive Committee held the Chinetsu Marché (geothermal market), an event providing people with hands-on experience related to geothermal power, from February through March 2016, to promote greater understanding about the development of geothermal power among Japanese people. In Japan, geothermal power is increasingly expected to fill the role of a domestic base load power source, because stable power generation is possible regardless of natural conditions, and Japan, which is one of the most volcanic countries in the world, has the world's third largest potential for geothermal power generation.

In order to make best use of geothermal power, which is common property in Japan, it is important to make the development of geothermal power generation go smoothly and use the surplus heat to revitalize local communities, to ensure the development is mutually beneficial. Thus, the committee held a series of four Chinetsu Marché events in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kyushu--regions with a large potential for geothermal power generation--as well as in Tokyo.

At the event venues, which were designed using the concept of marché (market), programs included a local produce market where local vegetables grown using geothermal power were sold, an event stage on which local groups danced and performed, and workshops intended to provoke thought about geothermal power.