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December 7, 2013


Number of 'Environmental Meisters' in Japan Tops 3,000

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According to the Citizens Environmental Foundation (CEF) of Japan , the number of "environmental meisters," professionals certified by CEF to advise consumers in selecting environmental conscious products, reached more than 3,000 throughout Japan in August 2013. Environmental Meisters assume the role of educating consumers about green purchasing, an initiative aimed at making lifestyles and society more environmental conscious by changing people's preference for the types of products and services they purchase; global warming mitigation; and energy conservation.

CEF, a non-governmental organization, is promoting the Environmental Meister certification system and conducting various other activities to drive a shift toward a green economy. To raise awareness about Environmental Meisters, CEF provides training seminars to automobile and consumer electronics dealers, window and glass dealers , homebuilders, and other business establishments. It also administers certification tests in cooperation with other non-governmental organizations in Japan.

The increase in the number of Environmental Meisters is a hopeful sign that the number of consumers who select environmentally friendly products is increasing, thereby reducing environment impacts.