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May 4, 2011


Fuji Xerox Develops Environmental Load Monitoring System

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JFS/Fuji Xerox Develops Environmental Load Monitoring System
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Fuji Xerox Co. announced the launch of an environmental load monitoring system on January 20, 2011. The new system shows environmental load by displaying the level of each user's eco-friendliness and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions calculated based on electricity consumption, such as of lights, outlets, and other electronic devices.

When users log onto the multifunction device using their IC cards, it displays the ranking of eco-friendliness within the department, the amount converted into CO2 emissions, and other environmental information, on the control panel. The users can see their own level of eco-friendliness each time they use the device, which contributes to increasing environmental awareness among individuals.

In addition, as a function for administrative managers, by entering power information for lights, PCs, etc, the system can calculate CO2 emissions for the entire office thus displaying the status of power consumption overall.

With the enactment of laws such as the 'Revised Acts on the Rational Use of Energy' and the 'Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Security Ordinance', there is an increasing need for CO2 reduction at offices in recent years, and many companies are considering introducing equipment with high energy-saving capabilities. Fuji Xerox expects success in reducing CO2 emissions with this high energy-saving multi-function device, which can figure out overall power consumption of an entire office..

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