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February 27, 2011


Panasonic Electric Works Launches 'EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light'

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JFS/Panasonic, Sanyo Launch Solar LED Street Light with Lithium-Ion Battery
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Panasonic Electric Works Co. (Panasonic Electric Works) and SANYO Electric Co. (SANYO) announced on October 14, 2010 that Panasonic Electric Works would launch EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light, a unit of street light combining solar cells and lithium-ion batteries, in January 2011 (planned, see Note 1). Panasonic Electric Works will offer two types of products, LED10W and LED24W. EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light carries a thin 'integrated solar cells and storage unit,' combination of SANYO's HIT ® solar cells, highly efficient solar batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. Its sophisticated design has won Good Design Award 2010.

EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light generates electricity with its solar cells in the daytime and stores the power in lithium-ion batteries installed on the back of the panels, capable of powering LED lights for up to 15 hours in the nighttime (See Note 2). Unlike previous models, the Lithium-ion Solar Street Light needs no large lead batteries, and the lead-free design makes less impact on the environment. Its solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, and LED lights are all designed to achieve long life and save maintenance work.

Panasonic Electric Works and SANYO intend to combine "solar cells" and "lithium-ion batteries," SANYO's strengths, and "LED lighting fixtures" and "power source units," Panasonic Electric Works' advantages in order to develop a broader lineup of products that should lead the industry.

Note 1: Actually launched in January 2011.
Note 2: The longest operating time when operating for 5 hours at 100% rating and then operating for 10 hours at 50% rating after sunset

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Panasonic Electric Works to Launch Clean and Bright "EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light" Combining SANYO HIT® Solar Cells and Lithium-ion Batteries in 2011