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December 24, 2006


IC-Tagged Reusable Container Management System Developed

Keywords: Non-manufacturing industry Policy / Systems Transportation / Mobility 

Japan's Toppan Printing Co. has developed Netloopass, a network-based management system for reusing containers equipped with integrated circuit (IC) tags, and launched sales in September 2006.

Concerned about environmental impacts, more companies have recently shifted to using reusable containers, such as returnable boxes or pallets, rather than disposable packing materials or cardboard boxes. Reusable containers, however, pose problems for stock management. It is hard to keep track of the quantities and locations of containers, resulting sometimes in shortages or excessive stocks of containers in the process of shipping goods.

The Netloopass system utilizes IC-tags to support efficient reusable container logistics. It can show real time data on where and how returnable boxes and pallets are being used in a management network.

In the system, a handheld terminal reader/writer reads data from 13.56 MHz type IC tags attached to the containers before use. The data from the tags are transferred to the administrative server through a network. Users can refer to location, frequency of use, history, and availability of containers online. The smallest sales unit for the system is 1,000 IC-tags, and the system can manage up to 100,000 containers moving through 30 logistics stations.


Posted: 2006/12/24 11:58:13 AM
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