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February 12, 2006


2 Products, 16 Companies Carry 'Eco-Rail' Mark

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An "Eco-Rail Mark" was awarded to three companies at the third meeting of the Eco-Rail Mark Management and Certification Committee on September 20, 2005. This Eco-Rail Mark program, launched by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in April 2005, gives certification to products and companies that actively make an effort to protect the environment through a modal shift to rail transportation.

Certified companies are allowed to use the mark on their products, in product catalogs and other materials. Switching to rail transportation can reduce CO2 emissions to about one-eighth of the amount generated by transporting the same loads by truck, and thus lower environmental impacts. The Eco-Rail Mark program aims to publicize companies' efforts for modal shift and promote environmental awareness among consumers.

The three newly certified companies are Lion Corp., a major manufacturer of household products; the Nisshin OilliO Group, a major manufacturer of oil products; and the Living Environment & Digital Media Equipment Group of Mitsubishi Electric Corp. With the new additions, a total of two products and 16 companies now have the Eco-Rail Mark certification.

The ministry established the Eco-Rail Mark Promotion Committee recently, aiming to encourage shippers to use more rail transportation and make the mark widely known to consumers.

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Posted: 2006/02/12 02:27:39 PM
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