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January 25, 2006


New Tokyo Gas Wind Turbine Starts Supplying Electricity

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Tokyo Gas Co. started the operation of a newly built wind turbine (1,990 kilowatts) at its Sodegaura Plant in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture on October 12, 2005, it was announced the next day. All electricity generated by the wind turbine is supplied to Ennet Corp.

Ennet, jointly established by NTT Facilities, Inc., Osaka Gas Co. and Tokyo Gas, is a "power producer and supplier" (PPS) which is allowed by law to provide retail electricity using the power grid of a regional utility company. This is the first time in Japan that wind-generated electricity has been supplied to a PPS.

Tokyo Gas, as a leading company in the energy industry, aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the society by promoting the power generation project using wind, one of the most important renewable energy resources.

Posted: 2006/01/25 02:34:47 PM
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