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May 29, 2005


Ebara Jitsugyo Co. Unveils Compact, Efficient Wind Power System

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On February 7, 2005, Japan's Ebara Jitsugyo Co. began marketing a small, highly efficient wind power system designed to reduce noise and vibration.

This new product is named "Loop Feather," and is equipped with two assemblies of 3 three-dimensional looped wing-shaped blades, one each in front and back. It can reduce energy loss and effectively generate electricity even at low rotation speeds. An over-speed protection system and a vibration suppression control function result in less noise and vibration than in conventional wind generators. In addition, canvas cloth is used for the propellers for safety in case they are blown off.

The intended uses for this wind power system include power generation in general, and for fountains, roof gardening, irrigation, biotopes, bio-toilets, schools, water and sewage treatment plants. It is also intended for use in city parks, for ordinary functions as well as for disaster preparedness.

The price ranges between 3.5 million yen or approximately 34,000 dollars (rated output: 800W, rated wind velocity: 11.5m/s) to 48 million yen or 466,000 dollars (rated output: 29 kW, rated wind velocity: 11.5m/s). The company aims to sell 10 units (net sales of 100 million yen, or 971,000 dollars) in fiscal 2005 and 100 units (net sales of one billion yen or 9.7 million dollars) in 2007.

Posted: 2005/05/29 08:22:02 AM
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