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August 24, 2002


Fuel Cell Demonstration Projects Launched

Keywords: Environmental Technology Government Manufacturing industry Renewable Energy Transportation / Mobility 

The Natural Resources and Energy Agency of the Japanese government recently launched a demonstration project for utilization of a polymer-electrolyte fuel cell for automobiles and decentralized power generation for households. The agency plans to complete the project in three years, starting FY 2002, with the first-year budget of 2.5 billion yen (about U.S.$21 million).

Five companies have joined the project targeting automobiles, with the Japan Electric Vehicle Association as a core member. For stationary fuel cells, the New Energy Foundation (NEF) will lead; eleven companies have joined the project. The objective of this project is to demonstrate the performance, durability, and energy-saving ability of fuel cells, and to identify technical challenges.

Posted: 2002/08/24 07:03:02 AM
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