Energy / Climate Change

June 10, 2012


Parcel-Delivery Company Issues 2011 CO2 Emissions Reduction Certificate to All Customers

Keywords: Climate Change Eco-business / Social Venture Non-manufacturing industry 

Ecohai Co., a parcel-delivery company primarily doing business in the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka areas, announced on February 29, 2012, its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for 2011 and its intention to issue 2011 CO2 emissions reduction certificates to all of its corporate customers, with the aim of visualizing the environmental impact of business distribution. The company mainly uses bicycles for deliveries in order to reduce CO2 emissions to almost zero.

The company delivers about 60 percent of its parcels by bicycle. Its CO2 emissions in 2011 were about 1,300 tons, which is only 0.16 percent of the estimated annual emissions for the whole industry. With regard to each parcel, whereas the average emissions are 321.2 grams for the industry as a whole, those by Ecohai Co. were 161.4 grams from its head office and areas where parcels are delivered by vehicles or motorcycles. This amount was offset by purchasing emissions credits to achieve zero emissions.

Posted: 2012/06/10 06:00:15 AM