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January 9, 2012


OGIS-RI to Expand Social Contribution Activities through PC Reuse

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On March 1, 2011, OGIS-RI Co. announced that it will expand its "Hajimaru-kun" scheme, which aims to contribute to society through the reuse of personal computers (PCs), by providing used PCs from USJ Co., a theme park operator. In addition to the existing program of PC cleaning by handicapped workers, software installation and dismantling work will be covered under the new scheme.

OGIS-RI started refurbishing out-of-use PCs from businesses in 2005, and has since developed the business into the Hajimaru-kun initiative comprising three programs: an outsourcing program to commission handicapped workers to clean PCs; a sales assistance program to encourage companies and their employees to purchase refurbished PCs; and a donation program to offer refurbished PCs to social welfare organizations and NPOs.

USJ will provide OGIS-RI with about 200 of PCs. Of these, 13 units will be cleaned and equipped with software at a work center for handicapped people in Osaka City, and the refurbished PCs will be offered as a gift from USJ. The rest will be sold on the used PC market, and the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the cost of operating the Hajimaru-kun scheme. OGIS-RI will pay the work center the cost for outsourcing with its own contribution as well as the donated proceeds.

Concurrently, OGIS-RI will expand the scope of Hajimaru-kun to include dismantling of PCs and peripheral devices. It will entrust industrial waste treatment to a partner company where handicapped and elderly workers will dismantle about 600 kilograms of out-of-order, unusable PCs and peripheral devices to be separately provided by USJ.

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