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August 4, 2007


Over 310,000 Used Home PCs Collected/Recycled in FY 2006, Up from 2005

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The PC 3R Promotion Center in Japan announced on April 11, 2007, that 310,864 used personal computers and PC displays were collected from households in fiscal 2006, up 7 percent from the previous year.

The Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Recyclable Resources, enforced on April 1, 2001, requires PC manufacturers to collect and recycle used PCs from the date of enforcement for business use and from Oct. 1, 2003 for home use. The PC 3R Promotion Center was established in May 2004 to promote the 3Rs (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling) among PC manufacturers, as stipulated in the law.

Of the total number of PCs collected from homes in 2006, desk-top computers account for 37%, down 1 point from the previous year; laptop computers 13%, up 2 points; CRT displays 41%, down 4 points; and LCD displays 9%, up 3 points.

The number of collected used home PCs has been steadily increasing since October 2003, when the collection started. As of the end of March 2007, the accumulated total was 908,691.
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Posted: 2007/08/04 12:12:11 PM
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