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June 23, 2010


Japanese Climate Leaders Release Proposal for Creating a Low-Carbon Society

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A network of corporate leaders called the Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership (Japan-CLP) released on April 2, 2010, its proposal "Towards a Sustainable Low Carbon Society: Our Recommendation." Compiled by five of its member companies, Aeon Co., SAP Japan Co., Tokyo Steel Co., Fujitsu Ltd., and Ricoh Co., the network now consists of eight companies, including Tokyo Steel Co., which joined in March. (For more information on Japan-CLP, please see the links to JFS news reports below.)

In the proposal, directions and strategies for materializing the "five basic principles of a sustainable, low-carbon society" established by the organization, as well as some points concerning legislation, are organized under 12 categories designed to educate the public and decision makers.

Under the categories, "discussion sheets" are provided with examples that illustrate points for discussion and courses of action. Here are some examples: "Proposal 1: The course of actions for a low-carbon society from a business standpoint;" "Proposal 2: Carrying out multifaceted measures to increase the number of 'eco-active consumers' for realization of a low-carbon society;" and "Proposal 6: Designing a fair and effective system based on the shared-burden principle." The discussion sheets are not meant to represent direct advice from Japan-CLP, but are intended for use as the basis for further dialogue.

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Posted: 2010/06/23 06:00:15 AM