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September 14, 2008


NEC's New Data Center Server Cuts Power Consumption by Up to 40%

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NEC, a leading Japanese electronics company, announced on May 16, 2008, that the company has developed a power-efficient two-way rack server for data centers, and began sales of the product, Express5800/i120Ra-e1, on the same day. The new product consumes only 126 watts during standby operation. This is a reduction of up to 40 percent when compared to traditional models.

As environment-friendly IT products or green IT products attract people's attention, data centers have been required to reduce their power consumption. The new server is designed to enhance power efficiency by adopting more efficient components, such as central processing units (CPUs), chipsets and memory. Optimization of fan speed and the number of fans, and full-time control of CPU frequency also contribute to the enhanced power efficiency.

The new server is also space efficient. As the number of servers shelved on a dedicated server rack can be increased by 25 percent without increasing power consumption, more servers can be installed in the same area without affecting performance. This will enhance management efficiency of data centers.
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Posted: 2008/09/14 09:33:16 PM