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August 29, 2008


JAL 'Sky Eco' Project to Cut CO2 by 20% by 2010

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Japan Airlines (JAL) announced its plan to promote the JAL Sky Eco project on April 22, 2008. Reaffirming its corporate social responsibility for the global environment, JAL reinforced its action plan to reduce the impact of its business operations on the environment.

Under the project, JAL aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per available ton kilometer of its fleet by 20 percent, as compared with the fiscal 1990 levels by FY 2010. Examples of the measures JAL is taking to achieve this goal are: to replace older aircraft with more fuel-efficient models; to make use of eco-friendly operations, such as selecting the most appropriate altitude for a flight and adopting a new landing approach called "Tailored Arrival"; to improve fuel efficiency by regularly cleaning jet engines with hot water; and to cut down fuel consumption by reducing the weight of each aircraft through the use of lighter cargo containers and the introduction of lighter in-flight meal dishes.

JAL has been implementing several social activities to contribute to the environment by making use of its specialties. For example, JAL helps investigate the mechanisms of climate change by using five aircrafts to collect air samples at altitudes of around 10,000 meters. The company is also engaged in reporting information on forest outbreaks spotted by JAL pilots flying over Siberia, and it supports the "Inner Mongolia Greening Project Against Desertification" to develop greening technologies and construct green belts in the Mongolian deserts. JAL plans to continue these activities (see related JFS news articles below for more and detailed information).

Furthermore, JAL will continue its on-demand educational program for children to raise environmental awareness. The program was conducted 13 times in 2007. With an aim to raise awareness of the global environment, JAL also launched an aircraft decorated with green paint on its tailfin, known as the JAL Eco Jet, on June 1, 2008.
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Posted: 2008/08/29 11:42:51 AM