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July 13, 2008


City of Kyoto Supporting Innovative Eco-projects with Funding

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Starting in November 2007, Japan's city of Kyoto began accepting grant applications from businesses and organizations for projects that promote innovative approaches aimed at creating a recycling-based, global warming-free society. Under the City's "Miyako no Kankyo Mirai Sosei Jigyo," a project to create a better environmental future for Kyoto, companies or organizations can get up to a maximum of 10 million yen (about U.S.$101,000) for up to three years. The money comes from the revenues generated from charging for garbage bags, which the city started doing in 2006. It received 14 applications for funding, and four groups were awarded grants in February 2008.

One of those chosen for funding is called the Kyoto 2R System Project, which plans to develop reusable beverage bottles and establish a system in which consumers would be able to have beverages they buy at stores, hotels, etc., poured into the reusable bottles they bring. The group also plans to have Kyoto motifs on the bottles to encourage tourists and students on school trips to buy them as a souvenir. With the collaboration of environmental non-profit organizations and businesses, the group plans to first launch the service on a trial basis at some convenience stores in the city. Its aim is to create a material circulation model based on the 2Rs (reduce and reuse) concept and shift away from massive consumption and disposal.

The other three entities chosen for funding are the Windnavi Co., which has developed an improved energy efficient ventilation system for restaurants; the 3R Kentei Executive Committee, which offers a certification test regarding the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) for the purpose of cultivating human resources in the field; and Tamai Road Works Co., which has developed road materials using discarded gypsum plaster boards and roof tiles. A total of about 28 million yen (about $283,000) will be granted to the four groups, and some of the profits they produce are to be returned to the city.
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Posted: 2008/07/13 02:03:49 PM