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April 20, 2008


Eco-Friendly Potato Transport Reduces CO2 Emissions by 53%

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The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on December 7, 2007, the first winners for the award of Director-General for Policy Planning, in honor of the outstanding efforts of organizations against global warming under the Green Logistics Partnership Promotion Project.

The Prizes were awarded to the Shihoro Agricultural Cooperative Association in Hokkaido, Japan Freight Railway Co. and Nippon Express Co. at the 6th Green Logistics Partnership Council on December 14, 2007. These organizations have greatly promoted energy-saving businesses with a modal shift in freight from road to rail, in the transportation of Tokachi potatoes. The project motto is "Clean Agriculture and Green Logistics from Green Tokachi."

The Ministry commended their contributions to the establishment of an eco-friendly physical distribution system, improving transport quality and promoting the idea of modal shift, based on an elaborate investigation into the transportation of potatoes. Their efforts have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 53 percent.

Posted: 2008/04/20 11:44:41 PM