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January 30, 2006


Discounted Fares and Shopping Promote Eco-Friendly on Public Transport in Kobe

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The Transportation Bureau of Kobe City in western Japan has decided to continue its "eco-shopping" and "eco-family" projects after pilot projects ended in September 2005. The projects offered discount-price services, with the aim of reducing the use of private vehicles and greater use of environmentally friendly subways and buses.

Under the "eco-family" project, one or two children up to 12 years old can ride municipal buses and subways free of charge when accompanied by an adult on weekends and holidays. The "eco-shopping" project offers subway users discounted shopping or dining at shops or restaurants that have a tie-up with the project. The city, transport operators and shop owners jointly implemented the trial projects from October 2003 through September 2005, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and revitalize the community.

During the trial period, the "eco-family" users totaled 2.13 million, bus and subway passengers increased by 1,800 persons on weekends and holidays, and the number of passengers to and from stations around the city center rose by 1,200 per day. The pilot project is estimated to have brought about economic benefits worth 65 million yen (about U.S.$575,000) and a reduction of CO2 emissions by 523 tons. Under the "eco-shopping" project, with 396 shops participating, 13,000 passengers in total enjoyed the discount offers.

More than 60 percent of respondents to a city questionnaire answered that they shifted from private vehicles to public transportation and many users requested that the projects continue. Based on these favorable results, Kobe City decided to make these offerings a regular part of operations.

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Posted: 2006/01/30 10:12:27 AM
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