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August 10, 2005


Environment Ministry Promotes 'Team Minus 6%' Global Warming Campaign

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The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) of Japan launched a national campaign called "Team Minus 6 Percent" on April 28, 2005 to achieve Japan's greenhouse gas reduction target of 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2012 under the Kyoto Protocol. The concept is that all Japanese people should tackle global warming together as a team. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has assumed the role of team leader and the team administration office has been established at MOE.

The campaign calls on people to take six actions: to set air conditioners at 28 degrees Celsius, to avoid wasting water at the tap by not letting it run unnecessarily, to choose and buy eco-friendly products, to stop car idling, to say no to excessive packaging, and to unplug any devices not being used.

Until September this year, the campaign focuses on four actions: to wear lighter clothing during the summer, to set air conditioners at 28 degrees Celsius, to promote a switch to eco-friendly products, and to save water. A no-tie and no-jacket fashion for businesswear was nicknamed "Cool Biz," and the Prime Minister Koizumi is setting an example by dressing this way himself.

The Ministry has set up a campaign website ( for people to register on the "team," and to exchange and provide information. A logo has been selected, and the Ministry encourages people to use it on various media to promote team activities.

Posted: 2005/08/10 05:51:03 PM
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