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August 26, 2002


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Promotes Next-Generation"Eco-Ships"

Keywords: Climate Change Government Policy / Systems Transportation / Mobility 

The Fiscal 2002 Marine Affairs Report states that Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is working on marine environmental issues, with a primary focus on the development of a new generation of vessels for coastal waters ("Super Eco-Ships") designed to significantly reduce exhaust emissions. The Japanese government's Outline for Promotion of Efforts to Prevent Global Warming states that the CO2 emissions reduction target for the marine sector area is 3.7 million tonnes. The Ministry plans to promote a wide range of projects, such as the development of next-generation vessels, modal shifting from trucks to coastal vessels, and combining the transport service of trucks and ships.

Posted: 2002/08/26 04:20:39 PM
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