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December 1, 2014


LIXIL Establishes Women Empowerment Plan Called WeDo Action

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LIXIL Group, a Japanese leading company in the living and housing solutions industry, announced on August 4, 2014, that it had established a women empowerment plan, named WeDo Action, which promotes social diversity. "WeDo" is an acronym for "Women Empowerment in the Diversified Organization."

Focusing on the three pillars of the "Declaration on Action," announced and supported by Japan's Cabinet Office, LIXIL Group has incorporated various concrete action plans into WeDo Action. The three pillars and their plans are as follows: (1) taking actions and sending messages ourselves involves delivering a broad message about the importance of the role of women in society both in and outside the company, encouraging the promotion of women to management positions, and increasing the proportion of recent female graduates to more than 30% of new hires; (2) disrupting the status quo means encouraging the promotion of women and strengthening policies which support the balance between work and family; and (3) developing networking focuses on supporting the voluntary activities of women so that women can enjoy their work, and calling for men to support this endeavor.

The Group is promoting a corporate culture that respects diversity, equal opportunity, and meritocracy, and puts these ideas into practice. In January 2013, the Group issued its Diversity Declaration, and has been adopting proactive human resource policies and improving the work environment in order to advance the promotion of diversely talented people. In March 2014, the Group was jointly selected as a "Nadeshiko Brand" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange for their outstanding achievement in encouraging the empowerment of women among listed companies.