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April 14, 2014


Toyota Aqua is World's Most Efficient Hybrid Car

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Toyota Motor Corporation began sales of an improved model of its Aqua compact hybrid vehicle on December 2, 2013. As a result of the upgrade, the company achieved a fuel efficiency of 37.0 km/L, the world's highest for a gas-powered passenger vehicle, which does not include plug-in hybrid vehicles (according to Toyota; as of November 2013).

According Toyota, the company developed the Aqua as a global strategic model, aiming to launch it to the global market, where compact vehicles are in high demand. Originally launched in 2011, the Aqua became the top selling new car in Japan (including "kei" cars, or mini-vehicles) for the first time in 2013.

Improvements to the model include reduced energy loss caused by engine friction and improved control of the motor, inverter, and other components. Combined, they provide a further boost to the hybrid system's efficiency, raising the vehicle's fuel efficiency to 37.0 km/L (up 1.6 km/L from the previous model).