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January 1, 2013


Food Safety and Reliability Brand Survey: Two in Three Concerned about Safe and Reliable Image

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Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc. released on September 21, 2012, the results of a food safety and reliability brand survey: 66.8 percent of the survey respondents said they care about whether food products or companies have a reliable image; 54.1 percent said they are concerned about the ingredients in food served at restaurants and prepared food they purchase; and 38.5 percent said that, since the nuclear accident following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, they have begun to check where the food they buy was grown or manufactured.

The survey sought to shed light on consumer perceptions of the safety and reliability of 300 food-related brands across Japan, including food and beverage manufacturers and retailers, as well as food service providers and restaurants. The survey questions covered six indicators: brand recognition, frequency of brand use/purchase, brand image, intention to use/purchase in the future, intention to recommend to others, and safety level. The number of respondents totaled 22,253.

Kirin Brewery Co. topped the list of brands with the safest image, making a big leap from 20th place in 2011, followed by Suntory Holdings Ltd., which ranked first last year. Looking at individual brand categories, Kirin ranked first in the corporate brand category, Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt was the top product brand, Seven-Eleven Japan Co. led the list of retailer brands, and MOS Burger was the No. 1 restaurant and prepared food brand.

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