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March 3, 2012


Panasonic Launches an Energy Visualization System for Factories

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Panasonic Corp., a major electronics manufacturer, announced on October 13, 2011, that it has developed "SE-Navi," a system for visualizing energy use in factories, into which the company has concentrated its energy management expertise know-how. On the same day, Panasonic also announced that it has started to receive orders for the system.

This system is part of the company's "Factory Energy Conservation Support Service." The service, which started in 2010, comprehensively provides technology, equipment, human resources and finance required for energy saving. Integrated into this system are the following: the company's energy saving know-how and energy management logics developed at its manufacturing bases; know-how on the energy conservation diagnoses provided by its group company; and some functions of the "eco visualization system," which supports the entire energy-saving cycle from collecting/managing energy use data to creating graphs suitable for analysis.

The system supports a factory in grasping its energy use efficiency by using both amounts of basic energies used such as electricity, gas and other energy sources, as well as flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and other physical data and quantities manufactured, and helps the factory swiftly plan energy-saving measures, make trial calculations of efficiency and improve validation accuracy using that data.

The system can also provide graphic displays of long-term efficiency fluctuations for equipment such as compressors, boilers and freezers to grasp equipment deterioration and necessary maintenance, thereby reducing the wasted energy consumption.

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