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August 16, 2011


Fujitsu, Arkray Launch Mobile Phone Service to Support Diabetics

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Fujitsu Limited, a major electronics manufacturer, and Arkray Inc., a clinical testing systems supplier, have jointly developed a system to support diabetes patients that integrates blood glucose meter and mobile phone technologies, named "Karada Life: Diabetics Support (See note)." The service began on June 28, 2011. With this system, blood sugar measurements are synchronized and stored on the mobile phone. This makes it easier for diabetes patients to keep track of their blood sugar and manage medications, and thus helps improve their quality of life.

The new service combines the expertise of both companies: Fujitsu's information and communication technology-based business solutions and systems and cloud infrastructure-based value-added services with Arkray's blood glucose level monitoring system.

In addition to blood sugar level, other health care information such as exercise, diet, weight, blood pressure, and even outpatient visits, are stored on a server and can be accessed using a mobile phone. Patients can also view their data on a PC to examine changes in blood sugar level and insulin injection dosage. And patients can send their blood sugar measurements to family members and other designated recipients via email, allowing them to take part in the patient's daily health and medication management.

There are approximately 8.9 million diabetics in Japan, and even more--22.1 million--when pre-diabetics are included. These numbers are expected to continue rising.

Note: Karada Life means "body life" in Japanese.

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