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July 3, 2011


Recycled Cooking Oil Used For Delivering Relief Supplies from Taiwan

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JFS/Recycled Cooking Oil Used For Delivering Relief Supplies from Taiwan
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U's Corp., a used cooking oil recycling company in Japan, delivered relief supplies from Taiwan on April 2, 2011 by a Vegetable Diesel Fuel (VDF)-driven truck to Kesennuma City Hospital in the area struck by the disaster on March 11, 2011. The company carried out this project as part of its "Tokyo Oil Field Project 2017," cooperating with Side By Side International, a non-profitable organization, which provides relief supplies and mental support to people in difficult situations including poverty and natural disasters. A support message "hang in there" was written in Chinese on the cardboard boxes of relief supplies.

VDF is a diesel oil alternative made from properly treated waste frying oil. Approximately two million tons of vegetable oil is consumed per year in Japan and approximately 400,000 tons of used cooking oil is disposed. 95 liters of VDF can be produced from 100 liters of used cooking oil. If all the 400,000 tons of used cooking oil is refined into VDF, it is estimated that the recycled cooking oil can run about 400,000 diesel cars.

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