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April 1, 2011


AGC Starts Sales of Eco-Friendly Anti-Fog Glass for Freezer Display Cases in Retail Stores

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JFS/AGC Starts Sales of Eco-Friendly Anti-Fog Glass for Freezer Display Cases in Retail Stores
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Asahi Glass Co. (AGC), Japan's leading glass manufacturer, announced on January 19, 2011, the sales launch of its new glass door for freezer display cases, a first in Japan. This new product is designed to conserve energy, as it prevents the formation of condensation without the need for electricity typically used to heat the glass. In recognition of its energy saving performance, Seven-Eleven Japan Co. has decided to install AGC's product as standard equipment in any future outlets. This non-electric glass door will help to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by about one ton per store annually, compared with conventional glass doors that use electricity to prevent fogging. If installed in all Seven-Eleven outlets in Japan, it would mean a reduction of 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Since the Act on the Rational Use of Energy was revised in April 2010, energy saving in commercial facilities has been drawing rapidly increasing attention. In particular, convenience stores with long shop hours are accelerating their efforts to reduce electricity usage by installing energy saving equipment.

In commercial facilities, non-electric glass doors have already been widely adopted for refrigerated display cases. On the other hand, freezer display cases in retail stores, which have a lower temperature setting, conventionally require electricity to keep the glass surface warm to prevent the formation of condensation. Working to improve the insulating performance of glass, AGC successfully developed this non-electric, anti-fogging glass door. The company expects to achieve annual sales of 500 million yen (U.S.$6.2 million) by 2015.

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AGC Starts Sales of Non-Electric, Eco-Friendly Glass Door for Freezing Showcases