February 6, 2011


Dentsu and Fund Management Company Jointly Launch Social Website Platform for Micro-Investment

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Dentsu Inc., a major advertising agency in Japan, and micro-investment firm Music Securities, Inc. (MS) launched a new business support service under a business tie-up launched on October 5, 2010, to make the most of MS's existing micro-investment social platform.

Their new service is provided through MS's Securite website, which collects small-scale investments from individual investors who want to support ideas and projects still in the planning phase. For entrepreneurs it provides a way to collect capital for a wide range of small-scale businesses, from content industries like music to primary industries like agriculture and forestry, at an amount of around a few million yen for each business.

Through the website, individual investors (supporters) can invest a small amount of money (from 10,000 yen per share) in any of the enterprises they share a passion for, have an interest in, or otherwise want to be a part of. They can also receive dividends based on revenues as well as products and privileges from the investee business owners.

This project-based investment service enables business owners to raise capital for business growth without having to guarantee the investment principal, while part of the profits made through the fund are shared for a fixed period of time with the individual supporters who invested in the fund.

Posted: 2011/02/06 06:00:15 AM



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