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December 8, 2010


Support for Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling with Cloud Computing

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Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, the world's largest ship classification society in Japan, and IBM Japan announced on August 17, 2010, that they will work together in research and development for an Information Management Solution for Hazardous Materials on board the ships via the internet. Ship recycling will be improved by using a model web management system, which utilizes cloud computing technology. The system records and holds an inventory of the hazardous materials in a ship.

Ship recycling involves numerous parties all over the world, including materials suppliers, parts suppliers, equipments suppliers, shipyards, ship owners, shipmen, recycling facilities, related countries, and classification societies. Therefore, a Ship Recycling Convention was adopted in May 2009, which aims at safe and environmentally sound ship recycling with the inventory conveying information about hazardous materials.

The joint research will support the smooth implementation of the Ship Recycling Convention by sharing inventories on the web among everyone concerned in the whole process from ship construction to dismantlement. It will also explore the convenience and efficiency of this online-inventory system and the workable business models. In addition, operational issues such as security remain speculative.

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Posted: 2010/12/08 06:00:15 AM