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October 9, 2010


Sumitomo 3M Unveils Easy-to-Apply Insulating Window Film

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JFS/Sumitomo 3M Unveils Easy-to-Apply Insulating Window Film
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Sumitomo 3M Ltd., a major chemical and electric accessories manufacturer in Japan, released in June 2010, an eco-friendly transparent insulation film, Scotch® Sunlight Block Window Film. A key feature of this new insulation film is its easy application and removal. The film is capable of keeping sun out in summer, curbing rises in temperature caused by late afternoon sunlight and improving the efficiency of air conditioners, while providing sunlight in the room and the spacious feeling associated with glass windows.

The transmission rate of infrared rays decreases dramatically to 43 percent when the film is applied, compared with 85 percent without the film. It is made in smaller sizes to eliminate the need for cutting, so the work to apply the film on windows can be easily done by one person.

As the film is a sticking type with no adhesive materials, it can be removed smoothly from windows for easy adjustment and reapplication. It contributes to blocking sunlight in summer, and during winter it can be removed to allow sunlight in. Thanks to its easy application, the film is even available for use on the windows of rented houses.

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Posted: 2010/10/09 06:00:15 AM