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August 23, 2008


'Present Tree Project' Launched in Collaboration with Companies

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Do House, Inc., a marketing research corporation in Japan, launched support services by developing eco-friendly products in cooperation with Environmental Relations, a non-profit research institute.

Present Tree ® has started by Environmental Relations as a tree-planting project in collaboration with citizens since January 2005. This is a consumer-to-consumer service that allows people to gift tree-planting in honor of their loved ones. The gift comes with personal messages and tree-planting certificates to memorialize the planting.

While Present Tree ® is based on citizen participation, the newly launched "Present Tree Project" gives an opportunity to companies to participate in the project by selling specific products with the Present Tree logo printed on or with a Present Tree package design. By doing this, companies are recognized as its supporting companies and donate part of their sales to the Present Tree.

Do House expects this corporate sponsorship tree-planting project to result in between 1 ha (1,000 trees) and 3 ha (3,000 trees), which accounts for donations of 3.5 million yen (about U.S.$33,000) to 10.5 million yen (about U.S.$100,000). It plans to promote this project through extensive collaboration with trading companies, event planning agencies and advertising agencies.

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Posted: 2008/08/23 09:51:20 AM