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December 7, 2006


Ministry and Retailers to Cooperate for Environment Conservation

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Japan's Ministry of the Environment concluded on September 12, 2006, an agreement with LAWSON INC., a leading Japanese convenience store chain, and Mos Food Services, Inc., a major Japanese hamburger chain, in order to establish a recycling-based society and prevent global warming. This is the first case of a tie-up between the government and retailers for environmental conservation.

Under the voluntary agreement, LAWSON plans to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags by 20 percent from fiscal 2005 levels by fiscal 2008, providing customers who bring their own shopping bags with discount prices or points for member cards as well as creating shopping bags. In addition, Lawson will promote energy savings for freezers, refrigerators and air conditioning units, as well as foods recycling, waste reduction and forest management activities.

Mos Food Services plans to use non-petroleum products in place of 50 percent (by weight) of the plastic containers and packages used in fiscal 2005 and to recycle 20 percent of total amount of food waste accrued from all shops in fiscal 2006.

The ministry will support these efforts by conducting public relations and follow-up activities.

Posted: 2006/12/07 01:10:52 PM
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